Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I expect from my first order?

Once you schedule a pickup and select your wash preferences via Cents, we will deliver your laundry bags by shipping them or manual drop-off to your address. Simply fill the bag(s) and leave on your doorstep during your preferred pickup window. We'll take care of the rest!

How do I find out if my address is within your delivery zone?

We serve all of Northern Utah, but to confirm your address is serviced, click here to create an account.

Do you charge extra for special requests?

There are a few special requests that we charge extra for. You can view all preferences in your account when placing an order. These include:
Fabric Softener: $0.50
Bleach: $1
Vinegar Rinse: $1
Next-day wash & fold delivery: $5

How do the bags work?

With your first order, you will be provided with bag(s) to separate your wash and fold items from your delicate and dry cleaning items, if applicable. Please note that any items that you wish to be returned on hangers should be included in the dry cleaning bag, in which items will be priced individually.

What times do you offer pickup and delivery?

The easiest way to view pickup and delivery times is is your account here. With our 5-hour pickup and delivery window, we will notify you via text of your driver's ETA. However, most customers choose to leave their bags out for pickup. If you have notes on where to pick up your bags, feel free to include that in your notes.

Do you guarantee your services?

Absolutely! If you're unsatisfied with your experience, please contact us and we'll make it right.